Uni.'s NP-88 is compact, light-weight, inexpensive and the best choice whey you need reliable paging with broad coverage.
  • Backlight: In low-light conditions, the backlight makes the screen easy to read.
  • Stand-by screen: The stand-by screen displays the time of day/ date or no display.
  • Time of Day and Day/ Month: The time of day and the date are displayed, whether the pager is on or off.

    Alpha Elite

  • Display up to 4 lines of text and 20 Alpha Characters per line. 4 lines to 2 lines Zoom Display for larger view. Optimax EL Electra Light Display and EL Automatic Turn on. Clear Time of Day and Date Display.
  • Built-in Alarm Clock. User Selectable Alerts, including vibrating alert, standard alert, Chirping alert, seven different pleasing alerts or no alert (silent). Reminder alert of Unread Message. Graphic Battery Gauge Indicator. Out of range alert. Memory full Indicator.
  • Total 32KB Characters Message Memory Capacity. Duplicate Message Management, for the times when additional and identical pages are received. Selective Erase/ Erase All Messages. Saves Messages when the pager is off or when the battery is being changed. Important Messages Lock. Notebook Entries. Message Preview - View of the first line of each message. Message Time and Date Stamping. Up to 2025 characters for Private Message. Up to 5025 characters for Mail Drop Message. Auto On/ off. Set Message Alarm.

    Refurbished Motorola Pagers Still Available

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